Research Information

If you are using this site to conduct research, the following information may be helpful. You can also contact the YCHistory project. If you have additional questions, you can use the Ask-a-Librarian Form from the York County Library.

How to cite Internet sources (From SIRS Knowledge Source, 11/06)

Modern Language Association (MLA) format

Title of Internet Site. Name of the editor, compiler, or translator (if available). Date of most recent electronic publication (if known). Sponsoring organization or institution. Date of access. <URL>

American Psychological Association (APA) format

Name of Specific Document. (Date of online publication, Year, Month Day). Location of Sponsoring Organization: Name of Sponsoring Organization. Retrieved (date of retrieval, Month Day, Year) from World Wide Web: URL of page beginning with http:// [note: do not add closing punctuation as this may affect retrieval]

Turabian format

Name of sponsoring organization or institution. Title of Internet site. Date of site. Internet on-line. <Electronic address or URL>. (Date of access).